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Aventa TV Wall Unit X-Tall - 10 Door Wardrobe Wall Unit for Bedrooms

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Item #: 31808
Front Type
  • Matte


  • Mirror


  • Glossy


  • Colored Glass


Front Finishes
Case Finishes

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Color Samples Available: Learn more and order color samples here.


This bedroom wall unit offers more storage than any other in the Aventa Collection. At its heart there's space for a 42 inch TV, under which are shelving for video components.

The base for all this is a sturdy, contemporary 8 drawer chest, which can be customized with your choice of handles.

Extra wardrobe storage space has been added all the way around. Both sides are equipped with 2-door wardrobes. Instead of a cherry on top, there's over 4.5 cubic feet of additional cabinet space, served up via six cabinet doors for the ultimate combination of good taste and storage capacity..

In-Home delivery & Setup is available for this bedroom TV wall unit. Our teams deliver the fully assembled wardrobe wall unit to your home, set it up in the bedroom or other desired location, remove all packaging and leave your new furniture ready to use!


108.5″W x 21.75″D x 86″H

TV Cavity:

43.5"W x 26.75"H

Click to learn about what size TVs will fit in this piece of furniture.


Fully assembled in the USA - No assembly required!

Ultimate storage solution for the bedroom

8 drawer chest below TV

Wardrobe cabinet doors on each side of the wall unit

Custom Wardrobe Options:
  • Mirrored drawer & door fronts: choose plain or bevel edge mirror
  • Matte finishes, including wood, white or black
  • Glossy black or white
  • Colored glass

Customer Questions

Can you please tell me the height of the area at the top of the drawers where the TV would stand?
Question by: Jane from Chuckey, TN 37641 on Nov 6, 2014
The height to the bottom of the TV placement would be 45.8" off the ground.
How much would it cost me to order this at 123" wide, 20 inches deep and 96 inches high?
Question by: Belen from New York, NY 10022 on Feb 2, 2014
It is possible to customize this bedroom tv armoire to be wider and taller and not as deep per your specifications. Please contact one of our design consultants by phone to review so they can work up a design for you and price it up.
Could this bedroom TV unit be broken down in pieces cause my building have some tight corners with stairs
Question by: Anthony from Brooklyn, NY 11213 on Nov 22, 2014
This bedroom wardrobe wall unit comes delivered as 7 separate pieces with the largest of them measuring 32.5" W x 72" H x 21.75" D which is designed to fit through most standard doorways and passages.
Can a second rail bar for hanging storage be installed in each wardrobe? How would this impact the price? Can a second level of top storage be added? How would this impact the price?
Question by: Daniel from Brooklyn, NY 11211 on Jan 5, 2013
A second rail bar can be added to this TV wall unit, please check item #5532 http://www.contempospace.com/shelf-hangrod-double-door-wardrobes.html

The caps on top can be made taller. Please reach one of our design consultants by phone and we will work up a design for you.
Does the wall units come in several pieces so it will fit through the door?
Question by: Dawnie from Frisco, TX 75034 on Jan 8, 2014
This TV wall unit is made out of modular pieces and designed to fit through standard doorways.
Can you please send me a sample of the dark grey colored glass?
Question by: Debbie from Laurel, MD 20707 on Dec 25, 2012
You can request color samples here: http://www.contempospace.com/color-samples.html
This question refers to Aventa TV Wall Unit for Bedrooms. The largest size that I found indicates it's 108.5" wide. Can this be changed to a larger size. Wall to wall I have a space of approximately 138". Please let me know what (if any) options I might have. I am looking for a wall unit with space for a 42" TV and wardrobe space; basically the unit you are displaying only a bit larger. Please let me know.
Question by: Joseph from Ridgewood, NJ 07450 on Jan 10, 2015
You can make it larger by adding additional wardrobe cabinets to the side(s) as needed. The closets you want to select from are the Alta collection. If you add an additional single door closet that is 16.5" wide to the left or right, it would give you an overall width of 125" or if you added a double door closet that is 32.5" wide to one of the sides, that would give you 141" which might be too wide. We can also customize the width if necessary to fit even closer. You can feel free to contact one of our furniture design consultants by phone to review so they can work up a design for you.
What materials is this bedroom storage unit made from and where is it manufactured?
Question by: Joann Weinstein from Powhatan, VA 23139 on Jan 1, 2016
This item is made to order in Passaic, NJ USA and the material used is Italian Melamine. You can read more about the material here: http://www.contempospace.com/contempo-space-blog/faq/what-material-furniture-made-from-wood
Is it possible to do this exact style, but make it slightly more compact to fit our space? Also,is it possible to switch the TV space and the two cubbies beneath it so that the open space is below and cubbies above? We would not be using it for a TV, but would like a mirror installed in the back so it's more of a jewelry box area. Please let me know!
Question by: Katie from Denver, CO 80211 on Feb 6, 2015
It is possible to customize this Aventa bedroom wall unit per your specifications. You can feel free to contact one of our design consultants by phone to review so they can work up a design for you.
We have decided on this Aventa TV wall unit! It is great. Is it possible to add a shelf in the wardrobe?
Question by: Sally from New York, NY 10031 on Feb 26, 2015
You sure can. You simply add item # 10255 and the quantity desired. The shelves are adjustable up and down as needed.
Can this bedroom wall unit come 95 inches wide?
Question by: Hyam from Reistertown, MD 21136 on Mar 27, 2015
We are able to customize this bedroom wall unit per your specifications to be narrower. You can feel free to contact one of our design consultants by phone to review so they can work up a design for you.
I am extremely interested in this piece of furniture. My question is this: Can this be designed to be even more narrow (depth-wise that is) than the current 21.75" depth? I realize that might interfere with the ability to hang clothes in the wardrobe, but just wanted to know exactly what my options are for doing that potentially. Thank you!
Question by: Siavoche from Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 on Aug 10, 2014
Although we are able to make the furniture shallower, 2 issues that may make doing so problematic. Firstly, for hanging, you need a minimum of 21.75" and really anything less will start to interfere with the hanger and clothing. Secondly, although most TV's today are flat, components have not gotten shallower and most still require 18" - 19" depth after factoring in cabling. However if you need this piece customized to be shallower, even if just a little, we can certainly assist you with that and please feel free to contact one of our design consultants so they can work up a design for you.
Our bed is very high... I need the tv space to be at least at height of 5 feet... could we put more drawers in, and then have the TV space and then above it have one set of the doors above it? Then, on the two sides - could there be additional doors to make it as tall as in the middle? - what would that make the overall height?
Question by: pamela j walker from Daytona Beach, FL 32119 on Oct 3, 2014
It is possible to customize this bedroom TV armoire per your specifications by either simply raising the TV or raising the TV along with the entire unit as well as the widths to fill a larger wall. You can feel free to contact one of our design consultants by phone to review so they can work up a design for you.

1 Furniture dimensions may include slight variations from those listed. To be certain that furniture will fit properly in the desired space, you must add a 3 inch allowance on each side, including height, width and depth. If the area where the furniture is to be placed will not accommodate the product plus a 3" margin, please contact us and we will be happy to quote a solution that is customized to your needs and space.

2 Colors and finishes may not appear exactly as they do on screen, as every monitor displays colors slightly differently. Sample images may not be shown at actual size, and may be enlarged to show detail or texture. More accurate color matching can be done with finish samples, available via our factory showroom. Please ask one of our design consultants about ordering samples or visit our factory showroom to see available product finishes in person. There may be dye lot variances on merchandise ordered at different times.