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What Material is Our Furniture Made From?

Thermally Fused Melamine

We manufacture our storage furniture out of a thermally fused melamine, which is known to be superior to solid wood for many applications.

Our premium quality melamine panels are created by thermally fusing melamine resin to an engineered wood core. Heat and pressure are used to create a permanent, thermally fused bond that will not peel, detach or delaminate over the course of time (all common problems with other materials).

This environmentally friendly technique puts good use to recycled and/or recovered fibers and materials. These natural resources could otherwise end up in a landfill or burned.

Melamine offers added durability and density to our furniture. These qualities combined with the consistent finish patterns, plus uniform thickness and strength, allow us to confidently deliver the same superior quality in every piece of furniture we produce.

Better Than Wood

Compared to solid wood, melamine has much greater resistance to moisture, is scratch resistant where other wood materials generally are not, and is far easier to clean.

The ability to offer melamine in many finishes from solid colors to wood grains, without compromising on quality, combined with the flexibility it allows our designers as they are creating furniture, continues to make melamine the best choice for us and for you, our valued customer.