Cleaning & Adjusting Your Furniture

Furniture Cleaning

We strongly suggest non-abrasive, ammonia free, and alcohol free formula products for cleaning. We do not recommend standard furniture polish, as it solely creates a buildup of wax.

Consider the following products, sold both online and in store at The Home Depot and other retailers for best results:

Recommended Furniture Cleaning Products

Leveling Your Unit

As you know, follring and carpet doesn't always allow for your furniture to sit perfectly straight.

Leveling wedges, when placed underneath the lower side and towards the front of the unit, will raise the unit to proper level at which you see all doors lined up straight.

Furniture Leveling Wedges

Door Hinge Adjustment

Adjusting your doors to achieve proper alignment can be achieved by following adjusting the door hinges.

Furniture Hinge Adjustment

Moving & Rearranging

Prior to moving your furniture, first locate and remove any interconnecting screws that were used during installation.

Remove or reverse the handles.

Securely tape down any shelves, doors, and drawers to avoid any potential movement and damage while in transit.

Move on a hand truck from the back, or side in an upright position and on dollies. Avoid lying the units on its back or sides.

The furniture should be lifted and set into its new location, as pushing, pulling, or dragging could damage your furniture.

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