December 17, 2012
Chris Stone

Aventa Collection – New Bedroom TV Furniture Includes Wardrobe Storage

Aventa Wardrobe Wall Unit in White

One of our favorite things about being furniture designers is the opportunity to create things that people really need, but don’t always exist in the marketplace. The new Aventa Collection is our most recent example of this. While customers have been enjoying our modern entertainment centers and wardrobe closets individually … read more

September 24, 2012
Chris Stone

Fall Colors: Fashion, Foliage and Furniture

Fall Foliage

Now that fall has officially “fallen,” there’s plenty of talk about color on the web. New York has a fall foliage report with current information on the current state of fall colors throughout the state. Always thinking ahead, the folks at Pantone published their fall fashion color report as early … read more

February 1, 2012
Michael Smith

Modern Furniture Solutions for Mobile Citizens


People are getting more mobile nowadays, and when you look at the state of things, why not?  The Internet permits instant global communication, air travel is becoming cheaper and faster than ever, and finding friends and jobs in new states is becoming easier. But what about furniture?  Is that getting … read more