April 6, 2012
Michael Smith

Don’t Let a Magazine Spread Determine Your Dream Home

Let your home design be a reflection of you

Every so often, interior designers get clients who want a home straight out of a magazine.  Down to the last detail, they demand the same furniture, the same wallpaper, the same accessories, etc. to capture the essence of what they believe is their dream home. However, therein lies the problem … read more

February 8, 2012
Michael Smith

Seeing Red: Using Scarlet In Your Home

What stands out?

Red has been popping up everywhere recently (thanks Valentine’s Day).  It’s a bold, fierce color, capable of polarizing and inviting. Home decorating with red is always a tantalizing idea, considering it’s connotations with nobility, courage, strength and sexuality.  It can raise the heart rate and stimulate the senses (why do … read more