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April 23, 2012
Michael Smith

Interior Design Tip: Find a Theme

Finding a theme is a great way to get a jump start on your interior design process

When starting your interior design project, one of the easiest ways to identify your direction and start making a plan is to choose a theme. Theme is a fairly broad word, but essentially you should consider it the idea that you want your design to center around, like minimalism, the renaissance or japan.
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April 4, 2012
Michael Smith

Let In the Natural Light

Sunlight is necessary nourishment for all living things. Let some into your home.

Natural light provides important nourishment that all living things need to survive. It ha a substantial effect on your health and well-being, so try to take advantage of it in your interior design. Use windows and skylights to let it in, and then implement mirrored furniture or glass doors to help it reflect and circulate around a room. Continue reading

March 29, 2012
Michael Smith

Furniture as Traffic Cop and Host

The Traffic Cop and the Host

Furniture plays a unique role in a home’s interior design. It’s various functions give the furniture the role of both host and traffic cop – directing movement and welcoming visitors with a warm smile and a comfortable seat. Continue reading

March 26, 2012
Michael Smith

Place Identity and the Psychological Implications of Interior Design

Interior design can impact a person's emotional state and willingness to communicate.

Ever walked into a room and immediately felt a bit down? It’s not just you. According to studies dating as far back as the 1970′s, interior design can have a considerable impact on a person’s emotional state and interpersonal communication. Colors, furnishings and spatial decor can all impact a person’s place identity, or the identifying emotions and characteristic they associate with a certain physical space. Continue reading

March 16, 2012
Michael Smith

Think Pink

Pink is a dynamic, versatile color that can bring out a wide range of moods in a room.

As warm weather moves in on the back of a fresh spring breeze, moods are changing and with those moods, the colors of the season.  Although interior designers are forecasting emerald and orange as the go-to colors this spring, pink never goes out of spring style. But like its big … read more

March 13, 2012
Michael Smith

Freshen Your Home with the Scent of Spring

Let the scent of spring fill your home

When discussing spring and spring cleaning, we always focus on the organizational advantages of the season.  It’s a time to start anew and get rid of all that old clutter.  However there is one interior design aspect that we almost never talk about come spring, despite the rich opportunities it … read more

February 22, 2012
Michael Smith

Lighten Up

LED lights

At Contempo Space, we focus primarily on furniture, but we’d be amiss to ignore one of the key components of interior design that actually helps to make our furniture look even better: lighting. The lighting in a space can play a key role in the presentation of the room.  Dark … read more