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March 14, 2012
Michael Smith

Is 2012 The Best Year to Buy a Home?

Is 2012 the best time to buy a home?

A few weeks ago, we noted that while the rest of the country was floundering, the NYC Real Estate Market was weathering the storm strong as ever.  However, according to recent reports, the nation might be witnessing the best buyers’ housing market in nearly two decades. According to Teke Wiggin … read more

March 5, 2012
Michael Smith

What to Know Before Buying a Fixer-Upper

The more you prepare, the more you'll save.

Last week, we mentioned the classic Tom Hanks film The Money Pit, while discussing the pros and cons of certain DIY projects.  However, Tom Hanks’s challenge in that film wasn’t a run-of-the-mill DIY project.  He bought a fixer-upper, or a home that he could afford to buy for cheap but … read more