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October 31, 2012
Chris Stone

Wardrobe Armoire in Mirrored and White Gloss

Wardrobe Armorie Mirrored

Here’s an in-home view of a pair of wardrobe armoires attached to either side of a mirrored wardrobe. This six door setup combines popular items from the Alta wardrobe collection into a wardrobe storage masterpiece. Hanging wardrobe storage is combined with drawer storage so this bedroom unit is versatile enough … read more

August 20, 2012
Chris Stone

Mirrored Wardrobe Closet Makes Room Look Larger

Mirrored Wardrobe Closet

Mirrored wardrobe closets have some kind of magic to them. It’s a simple magic really. We’ve shown this before with a 2 door wardrobe closet, here’s the effect with a 4 door wardrobe. Without making structural changes to existing walls or closets, huge amounts of hanging and drawer storage can … read more

July 25, 2012
Chris Stone

Mirrored Wardrobes Make Room Look Bigger [Furniture Case Study]

mirrored wardrobe closet before & after

Why are mirrored wardrobe closets so popular? It’s easy to think they just “look cool,” and it’s as simple as that. Mirrored wardrobes do look cool, but that’s not all there is to it. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, and so is space. A … read more