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March 25, 2013
Chris Stone

Ad Home Design Show 2013 Photos

Aventa TV Armoire Draws a Crowd

We had a blast on Pier 94 this weekend at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, showing a custom entertainment center design and one of our new Aventa wardrobe armoire/ entertainment center combination pieces for the bedroom. A great big thank you to everybody who stopped in at our space! … read more

December 17, 2012
Chris Stone

Aventa Collection – New Bedroom TV Furniture Includes Wardrobe Storage

Aventa Wardrobe Wall Unit in White

One of our favorite things about being furniture designers is the opportunity to create things that people really need, but don’t always exist in the marketplace. The new Aventa Collection is our most recent example of this. While customers have been enjoying our modern entertainment centers and wardrobe closets individually … read more

September 24, 2012
Chris Stone

Fall Colors: Fashion, Foliage and Furniture

Fall Foliage

Now that fall has officially “fallen,” there’s plenty of talk about color on the web. New York has a fall foliage report with current information on the current state of fall colors throughout the state. Always thinking ahead, the folks at Pantone published their fall fashion color report as early … read more

August 16, 2012
Chris Stone

Contempo Space Comes to Chicago!

Chicago Coast

CHICAGO – Contempo Space, custom furniture company based in Passaic, NJ, announces expansion of its “In-Home Delivery & Setup” service to include Chicago, Aurora, Naperville, Joliet, Elgin, Arlington Heights, and the surrounding metro area. Contempo Space is pleased to welcome the Chicago area into its circle of valued customers. “Homeowners … read more

July 30, 2012
Chris Stone

Custom Bedroom Wall Unit w Doors, Drawers & TV Space

Bedroom Wall Unit

Everybody knows we make a pretty mean wardrobe closet. Anybody who’s tried to find a freestanding wall unit like the ones we make can tell you that it’s impossible. Some of our custom furniture designs however, only get to be seen by the lucky customer who has them in their … read more

July 3, 2012
Chris Stone

6 Easy Steps To Order Custom Furniture

Customizable Furniture

We’ve all had that moment walking through a home store, spotting a piece of furniture and saying, “I like that, but if it came in black I would like it so much better.” In the end, you might end up buying a piece that doesn’t quite fit your dream or … read more

May 9, 2012
Michael Smith

Find Your Decorating Style

Photographer: Pieter Estersohn, Designer: Nate Berkus

When decorating your home, experts say use pieces that match your style. Now, this is great advice. Creating a space that reflects your style is important in making a space into your space. But the big question many of us have is, how do I know, what my style is? … read more

May 7, 2012
Michael Smith

Dress Up Your Furniture

dress up your furniture

At Contempo Space, we offer custom design options to make a piece that’s fit to be absolutely you. But you can actually take it a few steps further. There’s no reason that the custom process needs to stop with us.  There are a myriad of things you could do to your … read more

May 4, 2012
Michael Smith

Find Your Style with Custom Furniture

Find your style

Style is more than just a word. It’s a concept that encompasses everything having to do with a person’s outward exertion of their personality, their habits, their hobbies and pretty much everything that makes them unique. Continue reading