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December 17, 2012
Chris Stone

Aventa Collection – New Bedroom TV Furniture Includes Wardrobe Storage

Aventa Wardrobe Wall Unit in White

One of our favorite things about being furniture designers is the opportunity to create things that people really need, but don’t always exist in the marketplace. The new Aventa Collection is our most recent example of this. While customers have been enjoying our modern entertainment centers and wardrobe closets individually … read more

July 30, 2012
Chris Stone

Custom Bedroom Wall Unit w Doors, Drawers & TV Space

Bedroom Wall Unit

Everybody knows we make a pretty mean wardrobe closet. Anybody who’s tried to find a freestanding wall unit like the ones we make can tell you that it’s impossible. Some of our custom furniture designs however, only get to be seen by the lucky customer who has them in their … read more