July 30, 2012
Chris Stone

Custom Bedroom Wall Unit w Doors, Drawers & TV Space

Bedroom Wall Unit

Everybody knows we make a pretty mean wardrobe closet. Anybody who’s tried to find a freestanding wall unit like the ones we make can tell you that it’s impossible. Some of our custom furniture designs however, only get to be seen by the lucky customer who has them in their … read more

July 25, 2012
Chris Stone

Mirrored Wardrobes Make Room Look Bigger [Furniture Case Study]

mirrored wardrobe closet before & after

Why are mirrored wardrobe closets so popular? It’s easy to think they just “look cool,” and it’s as simple as that. Mirrored wardrobes do look cool, but that’s not all there is to it. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, and so is space. A … read more

July 19, 2012
Chris Stone

Wardrobes With Sliding Doors – Are They Worth It?

Sliding Doors Need Maintenance

Sliding doors are visually attractive and have their benefits in some applications, there’s no doubt about it. As with all good-looking things, they certainly have their place. The question is: is the front of a free standing wardrobe closet the best place for sliding doors to hang around? When asked … read more

July 12, 2012
Chris Stone

Alta Wardrobe Closets Stand Out Among The Bedroom Furniture Crowd

alta wardrobes in bedroom

Contempo Space, a modern furniture maker with custom capabilities and a showroom in Passaic, NJ, has introduced a collection of freestanding wardrobes versatile enough to accommodate every conceivable wardrobe storage need. The exclusive line of free standing wardrobes, dubbed the Alta Collection, is an improved version of the free standing … read more

July 3, 2012
Chris Stone

6 Easy Steps To Order Custom Furniture

Customizable Furniture

We’ve all had that moment walking through a home store, spotting a piece of furniture and saying, “I like that, but if it came in black I would like it so much better.” In the end, you might end up buying a piece that doesn’t quite fit your dream or … read more