6 Reasons to Put a Platform Bed in Your Bedroom

Platform bed frames have been growing more and more popular in recent years, with several forces helping to drive desirability.

Contemporary Allure

As is true with so many products, appearance plays a major role when people are furniture shopping. As modern, contemporary furniture styles have been gaining more popularity with their clean lines and uncomplicated aesthetic, platform beds can easily fall in with this style.

Platform Beds are Long Lasting

Not only simple but also sturdy, a solid platform bed delivers above average durability, strength and support.

Box springs or foundations are not required with a platform bed, and are usually not used. This is ideal for visco memory foam mattresses and modern mellow gel mattresses, which are designed to rest on a flat surface.

Platform Beds Are Great for Kids

It’s worth mentioning that a platform bed in the kids bedroom can eliminate the hassle of all those random items that seem to magically find their way under the bed in the kids room.

Actually, a platform bed can have the same helpful effect in an adult bedroom! Owning a bed frame that has its base on the floor eliminates the temptation to allow clutter under the bed.

Organized Storage With Platform Storage Beds

Where a basic platform frame stops loose clutter from accumulating, a storage platform goes a step further, replacing that space with organized storage.

Drawers pull out to offer space for neatly stored clothing or anything else. A queen size platform storage bed in the bedroom adds about the same amount of bedroom storage as having another 4 drawer dresser

Storage Footboards Are a Natural Fit

Without having performed an actual survey, we don’t suppose, “I have too much storage in my bedroom!” is a common complaint that people have.

Keeping this in mind, we first designed several storage footboards, adding cabinets and shelving to the end of the bed for bedrooms large enough to accommodate a larger footboard.

Add Even MORE Storage Space With Pier Walls

Is there really such a thing as too much storage? Ultimately that’s for you to decide, but while you’re deciding, think about the amount of storage offered by an average nightstand.

Multiply that by 8, and that’s how much storage is available in the Chilton Pier Wall pictured here.

Configurations are available that offer different amounts of hanging space, open shelving, cabinet doors and other features.

The beautiful thing about them all is that this extra storage can be had without using any more space than a couple of nightstands and a headboard!

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