5 Reasons to Choose Mirrored Furniture

People have been making mirrored furniture almost as long as they have been making mirrors. The allure of combining furniture, a functional necessity, with the captivation and enchantment of silvered glass has lasted for centuries. You may not need an excuse to treat yourself to a mirrored armoire or a couple of nightstands, but we are happy to provide a few, just in case!

This 12 door wardrobe cabinet package features two mirrored doors

Mirrored Furniture Makes Rooms Appear Larger

Placing mirrored items will expand a room, making a small room look open and spacious or making a medium or large room appear even more expansive than it already is.

You can even get creative. The cabinets above are mostly solid white, except for two mirrored doors. This gives the illusion of a doorway to another room.

Similarly, a mirrored, free standing cabinet can be stood between a pair of windows to give the illusion of an extra opening, or an entire wall of wardrobes can be mirrored for a major impact!

Mirrors Brighten a Room

By definition, a mirror reflects light. Both sunlight and interior lighting will be reflected back toward the interior of the room instead of being absorbed by walls or wood.

The result is a brighter, more cheerful room, day or night!


It’s common to think of glass as an extremely fragile, easily broken material. While this can be true under certain conditions, glass (mirrors are simply glass with a shiny coating on the back, remember) is actually a fairly strong material.

When mirrors are attached to furniture, the strength and stability of the furniture itself helps prevent breakage.

An even greater benefit is realized over time, as mirrors are very scratch resistant, and they do not fade, stain or dent. Wood and metal furniture begin to show their age much more quickly, just from normal use.

Easy to Clean

With most materials, you have to be very careful how you clean them, or if they will come completely clean.If you use the wrong solvent or rub too hard, you might damage your furniture.

With mirrored pieces, cleaning is uncomplicated. Spray glass cleaner and wipe.

That’s all. Your mirrors will look as good as new forever, so long as you live within driving distance of some glass cleaner.

We Like Looking at Ourselves

It may seem a little egocentric, but it’s just human nature. Before we knew how to make mirrors or even smooth glass, people used to spend great amounts of time and energy polishing bronze, copper, gold, silver and obsidian in order to make the highest quality looking glasses they could.

As you are considering furniture for your bedroom or other areas of your home, remember that at Contempo Space, we can mirror nearly every piece of furniture we make, from the most basic wardrobe closet to the largest wall unit.