9 Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Guests

House parties can be a great way to get to know new friends and become reacquainted with old ones. But if your home isn’t prepared to host all of these guests, it can be a disaster. Here are nine ways that you can make your home better for you and your guests.

Set a Comfortable Temperature

If your company is shivering the night away or sweating into their drinks, they aren’t focused on having a good time. Make sure that your home is at a nice, comfortable temperature. Most people would agree that around 74 is good enough. Make sure you account for extra bodies and how they might make the temperature increase.

Provide Comfy Furniture

While you and your guests are sitting around chatting, do you want to see them squirming because they’re sitting in a metal folding chair? Probably not. Make sure you have enough comfortable seating for everyone. Try not to invite more people than you have room for. And if you do run out of comfy chairs, be the first to sit in a wooden chair or on the floor.

Serve Good Food

Food brings the world together. Whether it’s warm, baked goods or perfectly blended cocktails, delicious food and beverage are sure to keep your guests happy, and coming back for more!

Cultivate Sweet Aromas

Ever heard of olfactory memory? It’s the recollection of smells and odors. You actually do remember scents and then attribute them to certain events or places. Make sure that your guests associate only the sweetest of smells with your home by warming candles and keeping fresh air circulating throughout your home.

Clean the Bathrooms

One of the worst feelings of dread is when someone asks to use your bathroom and your bathroom isn’t up to standard. Restrooms are our private space, so it’s easy to forget about preparing them for visitors as well. To make a good impression on your guests, show that you’ve given them some thought. Have enough toilet paper on demand, full soap dispensers, and clean towels. When your bathroom looks like it’s straight out of a truck stop, your guests will surely be running for the door.

Create an Inviting Yard

Your front yard is the first thing that your guests will see upon arrival at your home. You need to make sure that it leaves the right impression. Weeds and overgrown grass immediately say that you don’t care about your belongings. But a neat yard with colorful flowers and an inviting mat will put a smile on your guests face from the moment they pull into your driveway.

Keep Pets & Children at Bay

It’s undeniable that children and puppies are adorable, and your guests will likely want to see them because they are important to you. But keeping them around the whole time you’re entertaining can be a distraction — a loud and messy one at that!

Don’t Make it Too Personal

Your guests will want your house to feel comfortable and homey. But if you make it too personal, your guests may leave feeling like they know too much about you. A couple of tasteful family pictures are a great idea for decoration. It will probably be for the best to lock away the pictures from your childhood where you pose naked on a bear rug.

Be Cool

Overall, your guests are here to see you, not your home! Make sure that you are a gracious host. Focus on your guests having a good time and they will definitely want to come back and visit again.