5 Steps to Less Stuff and More Style

Sometimes in our attempts to decorate, we get a little over-zealous in purchasing. We end up with a lot of stuff, but not a lot of style and harmony. Or maybe you have a knack for collecting things over time, and suddenly you are overwhelmed and crowded by your finds. Too many elements in a home can make it feel crammed, frenetic, and small–anything but cozy! Here are 5 tips to help you reduce your stuff and increase your decorating style.

Be Meaningful

Don’t let random tchotchkes fill up space just because you have them–choose meaningful items from trips, family members, or special occasions to decorate instead. This might mean that not every space is filled or surface covered, but that’s ok. Allow yourself time to collect things and regularly curate your gallery of items. Choosing pieces with meaning also makes your home more cozy and personal. Every item is a reminder of a fun or happy memory, instead of just a filler item from the local home accessories store.

Go through all of your accessories and knick-knacks–most likely, they don’t all have some significant meaning to you. Choose a few of your favorites to display in each room, then give away the rest. If you can’t seem to part with some of them, consider putting them into storage. Whether you are looking for storage in Victoria, BC or Dallas, Texas, you are sure to find the right unit for your needs. You could even rent a mobile storage pod that can be kept at your home.

Invest in Key Pieces

Less is more, especially when it comes to larger pieces of furniture. Focus on investing in pieces that you will be able to incorporate into any home, instead of trendier (and cheaper) filler furniture. You heard me: stay away from the bean bag chairs and futons. Investment pieces to consider include:

? Sofa or Couch
? Dining Table
? Armchair
? Storage (i.e. an armoire, glass-front cabinet)

Choose pieces with a neutral color scheme and versatile shape. This way, the piece will be able to translate into various styles and settings throughout the years. You can also choose more of a statement piece, such as brightly colored table, just be sure you are completely in love with it before investing too much.

Go Solo

Don’t be afraid to allow bigger statement accessories to stand alone. Try placing one bloom or large leaf in a vase. Use just one of the large candles on the mantle, instead of all four. Pick and choose your moments to let pieces speak for themselves, and don’t use 7 when 3 will do. If you have large pieces with a great story, don’t diminish them with surrounding knick-knacks.

Group Together

Don’t let this tip confuse you about the previous point of going solo. There is a time and place for both stand-alone items and grouped items. While your solo items are larger and statelier, groupings and collections are perfect for smaller items and large spaces. Gallery walls are all the rage, and rightly so–they make good use of space by grouping together smaller items that add interest and dimension. Choose items that vary in size and color, but are united by a common theme or color family. Mix together photographs, paintings and prints, empty frames, and objects for an eclectic but cohesive vibe. This is a great way to display a lot of items in a clean way. You can also swap items in and out throughout the year for a chance to display even more of your prized possessions.

Use Practical Items

Cut down on excessive accessories by using practical items for decoration. Take your kitchen–there isn’t much room for little knick-knacks, so why not make your functional items beautiful? Hang pots and pans from a beautiful ceiling rack; use colorful containers to store dry ingredients on the counter. In the living room or bedroom, display beautiful books on shelves and tables; use books or containers to prop up lamps or add height to a space. By making your items multi-functional, you can reduce total items in the room, while increasing usage and overall panache.

Too much clutter can make your home feel smaller and less fashionable. Remedy this with these 5 tips! Once you try them out, you will be on your way to a more stylish, decorated, and open home.