Think Pink

March 16, 2012 By Michael Smith

Pink is a dynamic, versatile color that can bring out a wide range of moods in a room.As warm weather moves in on the back of a fresh spring breeze, moods are changing and with those moods, the colors of the season.  Although interior designers are forecasting emerald and orange as the go-to colors this spring, pink never goes out of spring style.

But like its big sister red, pink needs to be used properly to retain maximum effect.  Although it has some “saccharine sweet girly girl associations,” it’s a very complex color that can glimmer and shine or simmer and burn.  Different mixtures and tones reap different sentiments, dramatically shifting the mood and pop of a space.

When mixed with red, pinks can create a vibrant, romantic dynamic.  However, this is primarily recognized as a Valentine’s Day trick, so you might not want the colors of red hot love swimming around your space year round.

Pink mixed with black however sends a sharp, intelligent signal, perfect for any room where guests typically gather.  Pink with grey or white tones provides a warm, refreshing glow unlike the stark contrast of pink on black.

To really bring the spring into your home, try mixing pink and green.  The rustic combination of two colors naturally found in flowers and plant life will bring a delicate, pastoral air into your home.

Used as either a primary wall color or simply for upholstery and decoration, pink works great as a little “surprise in your design,” says Robin De Groot.  Combined with the fresh scent of spring air and the increase in natural sunlight, pink can revitalize and refresh your space, bringing a ray of sunshine and an air of youth back into your life.

Photo Credit: Chicadelatele