Fall Colors: Fashion, Foliage and Furniture

September 24, 2012 By Chris Stone

Fall FoliageNow that fall has officially “fallen,” there’s plenty of talk about color on the web. New York has a fall foliage report with current information on the current state of fall colors throughout the state.

Always thinking ahead, the folks at Pantone published their fall fashion color report as early as February of this year.

While the trees and the clothes within your wardrobe may change more often than the furniture in your home, Autumn is the time of year when more people are thinking about the home as Summer vacations are over and cooler temperatures lead people spending more time inside the home (at least here in the northern latitudes).

While more traditional wood tones are almost always a “safe” choice, more consumers are making bolder choices such as black or white as modern styles become more popular.

Color for Interior Decorating

If you’re painting, redecorating or refurnishing this year, don’t underestimate the effects of color on mood. One common technique used by interior designers is to paint most of a room in a neutral hue except for one “accent wall,” which serves to bring a feeling of energy to the room.

This color of the accent wall is usually then reflected in the color of some of the room’s decor. It’s easy (with some searching of course, but for some that’s the fun part!) to find or create art, silk flowers or other accent pieces of a similar color to tie the theme together.

Don’t Overlook Color for Furniture

Marco Entertainment Center in Lagoon ColorIt’s often more difficult with furniture, however. That’s where we step in to help. The Marco Entertainment Center above is pictured with colored glass fronts in a color we call Lagoon. This is actually a similar color to one of those listed in Pantone’s color report, Ultramarine Green.

Immediately below is shown our Bingham Wall Unit in Wildflower Blue, followed by the Liza TV Stand in French Lilac.

Go ahead and click on any of them to find out more and see all the beautiful color and finish choices that are available.

Bingham Wall Unit in Wildflower Blue Colored GlassLiza TV Stand in French Lilac Colored Glass

These are some examples of our furniture in some of our favorite colors, but we actually are able to manufacture any piece of our bedroom or living room furniture in any of 24 colors of glass fronts, in addition to black, white and a wide variety of wood tones ranging from very light to very dark.

So if you are planning on brightening up your space with some color before the winter blues set in, give us a call and share your thoughts with one of our expert design consultants. We help our customers turn visions into reality every day!