Entertainment Center > Floor (Case Study)

September 12, 2012 By Chris Stone

watching TV on the floorThe wait is over and football season is finally here!

After a long, hot, dry summer maybe it seems like enough to be able to get together with the guys and root for your team.

Is it though?

After the notoriously weak summer season, TV sales start usually start slowly picking up in September, growing over the next several months.

With the weather cooling down, new seasons of shows starting and football season back in full force, people are upgrading their equipment so they can enjoy their TV time as much as possible.

Every TV Deserves a Home

sebastian wall unit

What about a home for that TV though?

It’s not much of an upgrade to have a 50 inch flat screen sitting on the floor… or an old nightstand… or even a screw-it-together-yourself piece of particle board.

Case Study

We got 10 brave volunteers to watch regular half hour shows, first with the TV on the floor and then with the TV in the Sebastian wall unit.

The entertainment center was preferred 9 to 1!

9 of the subjects had a better experience with the entertainment center, while 1 was undecided. She had a really nice bean bag chair though.