Custom Closet Project: Walk-In & Reach-In Closets

August 22, 2012 By Chris Stone

A few weeks ago we announced the addition of custom closets to our site. It was mentioned that the custom closet systems are designed for use within walk-in or reach-in closets, but the initial photography wasn’t fully representative of all the possibilities (believe it or not, we don’t have as much use as you’d think for a walk in closet here at the factory showroom.)

custom walk in closet

 Walk-In Closet Transformed!

As you can imagine, before we showed up this closet had a reasonable storage capacity exactly equal to the square footage of the floor.

After our crew installed the Isa custom closet, there are four hand rods and 12 shelving ares (9 of the shelves are fully adjustable), as well as shallow and deep drawers.

custom walk-in closet alternate view

 Walk In Closet Organization

Why shallow drawers? With closets, bigger is better, right? Not always…

This closet owner opted to include one of our jewelry trays to help keep things organized. Jewelry is one of many things that isn’t best suited to a very deep drawer space.

walk in closet jewelry tray

Walk-In Closet #2

The second walk-in closet (below) was customized a bit differently. Half of the back wall is dedicated to a double hanging module.

The remaining closet space has three deep drawers, and the shelves above are independently adjustable. They look nice and even now, but as the customer’s storage needs change the closet is flexible to accommodate this.

another custom walk in closet

Reach-In Closet

We’ve all seen the big reach in closets with the sliding doors. All too often, they slide open to reveal one lonely, overstressed hangrod and some piles of stuff on the floor.

It doesn’t have to be this way! On the other side of the home the Isa closet system was set up behind the sliding doors.

Four short hang rods still hold just as many hangers, but are much stronger and will not sag over time. We even snuck an extra one in on the left side for good measure :)

reach in closet system

reach in closet system

Then there’s everything one would expect to see in a well designed closet: plenty of adjustable shelves, belt rack, tie rack, and hey… what’s that thing?

Is that an extendable closet valet down there? That’s a nice touch!

custom closet features

That’s all of them. We just figured it wasn’t fair to tell everybody we’re out installing these things and not give you a peek!