Closet Too Small? A Wardrobe Cabinet May be the Solution

November 9, 2012 By Chris Stone

Wardrobe CabinetThere’s no shortage of closet organization advice out there. Small closets are clearly a big problem, and we find them staring us in the face every day.

One of the most useful ideas is to purge your closet of items that you no longer wear. Sometimes a wardrobe thinning can be a miracle solution, but sometimes the issue is a plain old lack of space.

This is an especially common happenstance in the northeast, cities like New York, Philadelphia and Boston. This historic area of the country still has many homes from an era when a built-in closet was a rarity. As recently as a few dozen years ago, it was commonplace for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike to place their own stand alone wardrobe closet in the bedroom.

NYC is another story altogether, as anybody who has ever spent time in a city apartment will already know. It seems as though space (closet or otherwise) has been at a premium here forever.

If you have the space and the willpower to transform your existing closet into a well-organized mecca of wardrobe efficiency, it’s a project well worth spending a weekend on.

Before you go out for a box of trash bags, however, be aware that there’s another option.

Enter the Wardrobe Closet!

If you have a few square feet of floor space available, the solution is as simple as bringing in a wardrobe closet. If you don’t mind spending the weekend building it, you could order a cheap flat pack closet. Of course, then you’ve only really traded a closet cleaning project for a closet building project.

Probably the least labor intensive option is to check out our customizable wardrobe closets. We make them in every color under the sun, so whether it’s basic black or white that will match your bedroom, or some kind of wood, or our super popular mirrored wardrobes is more to your liking, we’ve got you covered.

Pictured above: Alta Free Standing Wardrobe Closet with Extending Shelves