Aventa Collection – New Bedroom TV Furniture Includes Wardrobe Storage

December 17, 2012 By Chris Stone

Aventa Wardrobe Wall Unit in White

One of our favorite things about being furniture designers is the opportunity to create things that people really need, but don’t always exist in the marketplace.

The new Aventa Collection is our most recent example of this. While customers have been enjoying our modern entertainment centers and wardrobe closets individually for a long while, until now when customers wanted to combine wardrobe storage and TV display furniture in their bedrooms the only choice was to get quoted for a full custom piece.

As far as we’ve been able to tell, that was true everywhere. Even though it’s very common for people to have a television and clothes in their bedroom (you probably already knew that), many customers have attempted to shop around for comparable furniture and reported an inability to find any furniture designed to hold both without starting a custom design from scratch… until now.

Bedroom Furniture Has Evolved Forever

Our new Aventa Collection is so unlike anything that exists in the marketplace, we must confess it was a bit challenging to come up with a name for it.

We finally decided to call them bedroom wall units. While any entertainment wall unit could be used in the bedroom, entertainment furniture usually has a focus on elements like open display space and dedicated media and electronics areas.

This makes sense for a living room or other common space used for entertaining, but most people don’t need that in their bedrooms. It’s a far better use of bedroom space to combine the television with dedicated wardrobe storage space like hanging cabinets and armoire drawers.

As a result of these simple observations the bedroom wall unit was born, right here in New Jersey, a few miles across the Hudson from downtown NYC.

Custom is Still King

While the release of the Aventa wardrobe walls makes this furniture more affordable, we haven’t strayed from our roots of custom furniture design.

Like all of our furniture, even the “standard” units are customizable, with a few hundred combinations of finishes available and a number of handle choices. Finishes include black, white, mirrored, about a dozen wood finishes, and about two dozen colors of glass fronts.

Of course, our design consultants are always happy to do full custom designs. Do go ahead and give us a call at 888-266-1280 and give us an excuse to put pencil to paper!

Aventa 30803 Mirrored Bedroom Wall Unit

The Aventa wall unit above is shown with mirrored cabinet door and drawer fronts.

Shown here is one Aventa wall unit with a 3 drawer armoire configuration in the center, flanked by wardrobe cabinets on each side.

The unit has a wenge case (a very dark wood finish), mirrored door and drawer fronts, and rod handles in chrome.

 Check Out The Entire Aventa Collection!

You’ve seen a couple of or new TV wardrobe/armoire wall units above. For today’s launch, the collection has 16 units. Want to see them all?

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