A Modern Playground For You & Me

April 12, 2012 By Michael Smith

Monkey bars, seesaws and slides used to be the bread and butter of the playground, but times are quickly changing.  Check out these crazy modern playgrounds below.

St. Kilda Adventure Playground

St Kilda Adventure PlaygroundLocated in St. Kilda, South Australia, the adventure playground covers 4 hectares (10,000 Square Meters) of land with fairy tale and adventure landscapes, including a pirate shipwreck, a wooden castle, a giant spiral slide tucked away in a hill and “flying foxes” (zip-lines).  The park even includes a model submarine, affectionately nicknamed ‘The Yellow Submarine.’

The Geometry Playground

The Geometry PlaygroundA project of the San Francisco-based Exploratorium, the Geometry Playground is a mobile installation which encourages visitors to explore the geometry of “seeing, moving and fitting things together.”  Four years in the making, the playground has also been used in research studies to determine the impact of educational geometry activities  on elementary school students.

The Geometry Playground will be located at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center of San Diego, CA until June 2012, then it shall move to Science Museum Oklahoma, of Oklahoma City, OK, where it will remain until June 2013

Find more information here.


Boadilla del Monte

Boadilla del MonteDesigned by Spanish architects Eduardo Navadijos and Csaba Tarsol, the playground of Boadilla del Monte doesn’t look like a usual playground.  Only 30 minutes from Madrid, this sleek and modern structure was designed to be a large, open-air game room for children to “pursue their dreams.”

Imagination Playground

Imagination PlaygroundLocated at Burling Slip in the South Street Seaport area of New York City, the Imagination Playground is the result of a collaboration between the New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation and the Rockwell Group.  Designed by architect David Rockwell, the playground encourages children “to reconfigure their environment and to design their own course of play.”  The park’s loose parts include giant foam blocks, mats, wagons, fabrics, crates and more to let children “play, dream, build and explore endless possibilities.”

Find more information on the Imagination Playground here.

Nashville Zoo Playground

Nashville Zoo PlaygroundThe Nashville Zoo is the largest community-built playground in the U.S.  Inviting children to “swing like a gibbon, run like zebras, and prowl around tiger-style” the Nashville Zoo Playground features a 35 foot tall “Tree of Life” tree-house, super slides, a snake tunnel, a bat cave, and a dancing water fountain.

Visit the Nashville Zoo site here.